About Me

I am a Ph.D. candidate studying Computer Science at Harvard University working with Professor Milind Tambe. I graduated from National Taiwan University with B.S. in Math and Electrical Engineering. I participated in the International Mathematical Olympiad with two silver medals. I enjoyed doing the combination of theory and application and recently won the AAAI 2021 best paper runner-up. During my Ph.D., I focus on using artificial intelligence to resolve various social challenges, including formulating wildlife conservation and healthcare challenges as multi-agent systems to address unknown information and interaction by machine learning. I develop a new learning algorithm, decision-focused learning, to integrate the domain knowledge from social challenges into machine learning pipelines. By properly handling the domain knowledge, decision-focused learning learns predictive models that better align with the social challenges with actionable solutions provided, which leads to better protection in wildlife conservation and significant improvement in maternal and child health.

Besides the algorithmic contribution, I am also actively working with non-government organizations to understand the social challenges in different countries and make artificial intelligence more accessible to society. Growing up in a working-class family and as a first-generation high-school/college/Ph.D. student, I want to contribute and share my experience with people who do not have access to resources. I worked with the National Hsinchu University of Education and organized summer camps during my undergrad to teach math Olympiad competition to high-school and middle-school students to help them get into a good college and have a more thorough understanding of college math. Despite being a small effort, I wish to devote what I have learned to the society.

Research Interests

Algorithmic game theory, machine learning, differentiable optimization, multi-armed bandit, theoretical computer science


  • I am co-organizing a tutorial about differentiable optimization and decision-focused learning with Andrew Perrault and Brandon Amos at IJCAI 2022.
  • I am co-organizing a AASG workshop at AAMAS 2022 (May 9th ET). Participation is completely free and please check the workshop website for more information.